Sunday, 20 November 2011

Love Unfound (& Lost).

I am no respecter of age
But I do respect your soul,
You moved upon me gently
Across my rivers
With ripples of emotions:
Confusion of
Weeping and joy.

Honesty, so clear
As mineral water,
I wish I was born
On the same time line,
Orbit, Solar system,
To be aligned with you.

And if I exist immortally
I am hoping to find you truly,
As the left and right hands join together,
Walking freely through the park in Summer.

The humming you hear is not from the birds or bees
It's the thoughts that resonate around my mind
Like the night and day around the earth
And I do thirst, for you in ways unimaginable.

Burning footsteps, who dare to walk through my deserts
Be my rain and confuse the Lizards
Blind me once again with loving blizzards
Uncover every thing which is hidden
Rescue me from these secret shadowy chains
And render every insecurity, maim.

Until we reunite and we fall down again as rain
Regaining the food chain
Producing fresh wheat grain,
And allow our lust to put the rainbow to shame.

And I lost love like this
Like an angel lost it's halo
And for eternity, a memory unforgotten:
Saying 'hello' to every stranger I pass by
Because It might be you in disguise.

Please do not hide or be shy -
I promise not to lie or be sly.
Though Literally,
it's impossible to behave like this to you
And for now I will be content in the dark.

Until you arrive as my shooting star,
Wishing surely and longing to find out who you are.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 20/11/2011 ©

Sunday, 6 November 2011

C.L.A.R.E (Cause Lies Are Rare Enemies)

I saw you down stairs
In the midst of a dark shadow,
A grimace
So clear as the starry night's stare
Fresh as the chilly air
Your words were nearly untruthful.

It would have been crucial
To be blind and draw a line
Than to be unkind
And ignorant to rekindle
What may have been lost.

And I am beyond cost
Out of reach locked up
In a casket
Pirates ghost do guard it
Resentful I am.

Wrapped in a package:
I do envy me
Like an antique collectible,
Your oil drips smooth
Like a lecture, Unbearable.

Misty Water
With piranhas and eels
I do doubt
Dogma & theories as tooth fairies
Drinking sparingly Visions
That's makes merry.

Surely a rarity
that cannot be seen clearly,
and deceitfully sincere
on principle

I don't believe you
Cause Lies Are Rare Enemies

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 6/11/2011 ©

Monday, 31 October 2011

A Trance.

You can't please every one.

Think about it.

Is it Built?
up there
the love for yourself
from within.

Make sure it's strong
like a castle and fortress
but dont forget the doorway
for your family and friends.

Never wear your heart on your sleeves
and make sure your face is not a mirror
reflecting what is really going on,

It's a game
Such folly and shame,
master your stratgies,
play it as though you were a living chess game.
And if it all crumbles down like hob nob's,
dont cast the blame as darts.

Because, I have a chance
now let's restart,

Play positivity
on a repeat like a broken record,
Turn it into a law like
Ignore negativity as though it was false
let it vanish in a flash
of thunder and lightnening.

Those who try to change you are not true,
colour the pages as a child would
because reality is fickle
and imagination's your freedom.

Dance and thread softly to the blues
and stamp hard on the red petals,

do be kind and allow the dead to sleep,
a little while longer.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 31/10/2011 ©

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hello (Smiling) X

First of all I would like to say sorry for my delayed response to comments & thank everyone who have emailed me or sent me kind words with regards to my poetry. To be honest, I have been quiet unsettled in more than one way and had to focus my energy on other areas of life, which is the reason why I have creased writing.

I wish I could divide myself into seven persons but at least we can divide time...

However I hope you are all well & look forward to sharing more poetry.

Shaun Gordon / Donusho

Sunday, 2 January 2011

This Head Aches

How did it come to this?
lies like irritating flies
buzzing around bull shit
taking the piss
as I enlist my signature
to post my feelings
like a letter
i only want better days
should i ignore
like those childish dreams
long time gone
faded away
forgotten bedtime prayer's
fade into reality like
the smoke of black coconut incense
i am not playing
looking for an ending
headaches descending
my eyesight merging,
like theses
are blissfully
patiently waiting
like an oil painting
in the process
brush strokes
tormenting me
as i beg
stop please
making me look stupid
like a fool in love
struck down
by cupid
who is this?
dont know!
buzzing i hear
and they became my
call me shit
yes, good shit
the same
you think is cool
and easy to fool
but i know
i mean, knew
throughout your sweet soothing
political talk-talk
you, with whom
my mind stalks
and as much as i try to help it
my brain channels curses
into the solar waves
tired of this repetition
I am not insane,
This happens everyday
talents wasted
I will NOT,
take this
with me to the
Or the afterlife
to and from
my laws
will guide me
and keep my harmony intact
like the rays and light and heat
connected to the Sun.

[pauses and reflects]

Taking my head out of your ass
once again!


when will you stand for me?
believe in me?
am i a scape goat?
or better still
a black sheep
yes my wool
will keep you warm
same way
no constantly
Denied and
pushed to the side
strong i am indeed,
was an inherited quality
from before
I became a seed
so god damn
I must

I wonder
'High I'
will grant
the wings
of Achilles
to take me into
a place before time
called destiny,
hope she stands near
next to me
and woo me
where here and now,
I disappear.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 31/12/2010 ©

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Candy Poem (Inspirational response) by BrokenPenWriter

Candy Poem (Inspirational response) by BrokenPenWriter.

Lost paths sought
on the black
balding page
of blog
this stage
where words dance
your words
memory's trance
a chance
to catch the train
that, once missed
may never return
but might
some night
in the coal black
light of sweet London
where Candy kissed
your soul.


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See the original Candy Poem BrokenPenWriter responded to:

Personal note: I cant say how much it means to me to know that i have inspired someone - it feels more than great or greatness itself. Thank you very much BrokenPenWriter.

Spare change please.

I used to give what ever I had in those loose pockets of mine
the little would make you smile,
or motivate you to blossom again.

So you wouldn't have to bear those despiteful stare
as you ask for spare change.
so that your coffee would warm your chest,
so that you could get by another day.

Until i saw you walking your dog
into a house...
holding cans of beer, and grocery...
this is a trickery of sight, I think?

Unbelief made me watch you for one week
or so:
as you came out of your house
and went to work, sitting there
pleading for spare change
upon my deaf ears.

Though you probably counted for
a small percentage,
my compassion fled to the unknown,
a rock pumps the cells through my veins
and a blind eye i give
these days.

Can I find my faith

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 14/11/2010 ©

Picture from Adam Dustus, OneShotPoetry (one shoot sunday photo),

A small note:
I am aware that not all homeless people are out there to deceive or make money just so they can get another fix. I have spoken to some homeless people and they actually admitted that this is a chosen lifestyle for them. Though this is not true for all as everyone situation is different.
The above poem is a personal experience of my mine and I wanted to express how it made me feel, think and delve into how it effected my attitude.
Thanks for reading.