Thursday, 29 July 2010

Final Plea 1

If i could,
like the weather
become one with the rain,
fall down on you
heavy or light
however you like,
drip on you as i scroll on your cheeks
please drink me
and let me take over your Brain.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

H.A.T.E love

Your mind to mine
i tuned into Love,
as all good for the good of all.
Ever beautiful, splendor and light.
Strong glorious might
that resembles King Arthur's Knights
Sisterhood of the conscience and the will,
ever flowing.

And As i fell from your branch
I realised you and I,
a living lie
slow motion falling
i hear earth calling
wind rushing pass my ears laughing
deceived by your warmth
the sound of my heart shattered
til i choke on the tears of black oil
and being rejected by the soil
we grew from.

Distance miles away and i am Hate,
H.A.T.E 'hope against the enemy',
Hating love as
she fly's gracefully
and i breathed pollution
and made her a dirty filthy pigeon,
revealing her love, a true place
bitch two-face hypocrite!

I can see through your mirage
sealing your mouth of manipulative leeches
stealing newborn hearts,
that's the sad part, as i am the first broken-hearted.
Now i am the last one laughing, a Hero.

As my shadow covers you like a blanket,
shank my fist into the core
bleed slow and slower,
see the fascination and enjoyment in my eyes,
my soul, the mist and tremble
for it is sore and cold.

One by one plucked your feathers til you are naked,
whimper in pain as i etch my anger and jealousy on your form.
Become your worst storm and piss acid heavily
like a territorial rain.

Watch you dissolve and flow into the drain:
this time I won.
Surrendering my eyes to slumber
and recoil back into the evening shade.
Waiting for your return of sweet vengeance.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

Thursday, 15 July 2010


I am beautiful and ugly
I call myself human,

What you... don’t understand
Stay here,


Fine tune
Hear me clearly
Hate stares at me
With fire in their eyes
Its really ok
I shine a smile
Cause I am a star,

Keep watching
Follow me
And I lead you to baby Jesus
Present your gifts

I see,
Fingers pointing at me
And words thrown at me
Like stones,

I’m asked to do the impossible,
For love produced miracles
And my back was treated
Like a door mat,

I make no apologies
For my feelings:
It’s true,

And it sounded like
A choir with wings
Singing in harmony,
Those with intent
To bring harm to me,

Like God
They tried to put me in a box
But I’m special
And I can’t be stopped.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho
01.08.2008 / 00:00

Dear Nemesis…

In my demise
Of my arch nemesis
The last kiss of my fist
That bled wounds of bliss,

I see blackness like a shadow
As I stare at you
Through the mirror,
Come here
Come closer
Bring your ear here
And listen.

You do
You better not harm her
I’m watching
Your shadow
Her Angel
Your devil
A ghost
To haunt you forever!

Killing me wasn’t very clever
Feel my chill
As I stare
With no eyes
And emotionless face
Now taste me
And fear!

Everytime She cries
I will catch her teardrops
And Turn it into crystals
And when you hurt her heart
And in secret she bleeds
It shall turn into rubies,

You will never sleep
Cause I turn your dream into nightmares,
I etch my desires on your skin
From inside out,
You can hear me
And I can feel you banging your head
Telling me to come out!

You are begging my corpse
To come to life.
Remember you wanted this
Not realising that were apart of each other,
The Balance.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho ©
31/7/08 - 00:35

Monday, 5 July 2010


Walk with me on the ever green fields,
I hold your silver necklace
on a leash tightly as you pull,
know that, I am your authority.

I will breed you and your seeds
for profitability,
I request your loyalty
as I am royalty.

No sleep for you indeed
for my pleasure is your needs,
stay on your knees, my satisfaction
Is beyond measure like the dead in the sea.

You can not escape my
overcast shadows,
Stay there, chained up
behind my crystal glass, now.
work your magic,
my sweet Captive.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho ©

(interpretation of 'reality is a bitch and silence is it's whore' by HereComesTheSun).