Thursday, 15 July 2010

Dear Nemesis…

In my demise
Of my arch nemesis
The last kiss of my fist
That bled wounds of bliss,

I see blackness like a shadow
As I stare at you
Through the mirror,
Come here
Come closer
Bring your ear here
And listen.

You do
You better not harm her
I’m watching
Your shadow
Her Angel
Your devil
A ghost
To haunt you forever!

Killing me wasn’t very clever
Feel my chill
As I stare
With no eyes
And emotionless face
Now taste me
And fear!

Everytime She cries
I will catch her teardrops
And Turn it into crystals
And when you hurt her heart
And in secret she bleeds
It shall turn into rubies,

You will never sleep
Cause I turn your dream into nightmares,
I etch my desires on your skin
From inside out,
You can hear me
And I can feel you banging your head
Telling me to come out!

You are begging my corpse
To come to life.
Remember you wanted this
Not realising that were apart of each other,
The Balance.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho ©
31/7/08 - 00:35


  1. Indeed it is always interesting that the worst that can happen to anyone is having their wishes granted. How sinister - I wonder how I would write on this theme if I were, say, extraordinarily wealthy or famous of well loved, whatever my deepest desires are.

    That said, I now wonder if really the piece tackles conflict itself: ''you can't claim victory over something that has simply died,'' in the words of Andre Makarevich. There is violence here but also peace; the threat of peace, you may say - what will you do once I've gone?

    Donusho, you have made me think on this subject, thank you.

  2. Thank you for your comment Sharp, i really appreciate it as now i would like to read into Andre Makarevich work - sounds very interesting.

    Your very most welcome, I am glad that it made you think and This is what makes writing poetry a pleasure for my soul.