Sunday, 14 November 2010

Candy Poem (Inspirational response) by BrokenPenWriter

Candy Poem (Inspirational response) by BrokenPenWriter.

Lost paths sought
on the black
balding page
of blog
this stage
where words dance
your words
memory's trance
a chance
to catch the train
that, once missed
may never return
but might
some night
in the coal black
light of sweet London
where Candy kissed
your soul.


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See the original Candy Poem BrokenPenWriter responded to:

Personal note: I cant say how much it means to me to know that i have inspired someone - it feels more than great or greatness itself. Thank you very much BrokenPenWriter.

Spare change please.

I used to give what ever I had in those loose pockets of mine
the little would make you smile,
or motivate you to blossom again.

So you wouldn't have to bear those despiteful stare
as you ask for spare change.
so that your coffee would warm your chest,
so that you could get by another day.

Until i saw you walking your dog
into a house...
holding cans of beer, and grocery...
this is a trickery of sight, I think?

Unbelief made me watch you for one week
or so:
as you came out of your house
and went to work, sitting there
pleading for spare change
upon my deaf ears.

Though you probably counted for
a small percentage,
my compassion fled to the unknown,
a rock pumps the cells through my veins
and a blind eye i give
these days.

Can I find my faith

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 14/11/2010 ©

Picture from Adam Dustus, OneShotPoetry (one shoot sunday photo),

A small note:
I am aware that not all homeless people are out there to deceive or make money just so they can get another fix. I have spoken to some homeless people and they actually admitted that this is a chosen lifestyle for them. Though this is not true for all as everyone situation is different.
The above poem is a personal experience of my mine and I wanted to express how it made me feel, think and delve into how it effected my attitude.
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Young and foolish so we were
can you remember
as our eyes greeted with giggles
'Yo boy!?'
screeching in front of me
of your gigantic mountain bike frame
making you appear inferior
on the exterior, definitely an
emperor disguised.

Hazel eyes they were and varnished oak wood brown complexion,
holding shelves of books like competitiveness, complications, confusions,
compliments, discontentments, ambitions, amusements, intelligence... argumentative,
and i read them all eagerly,
repetitively and devoutly
as though you were my religion.

Disputes and bruised ego's
where did it go? I tried to follow
the crumbs it has left behind, leading to a wall of mist
which distracts the train of thoughts to a halt
on the last station, bear and empty.

Wish I didn't throw her number away
I regret missing you
Save me from this crushing dismay
i hope to cross your path some day
would you even rememeber me

Faithfully yours,
A Lost Friend.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 27/10/2010 ©

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A stylish feeling.

Uninvited advise descended
to look my sunday's best everyday.

Everyday? That was a triple dare to myself to ask why!

And undeniably it was,
to feel good at the sound
of the shiney mirrored black shoes
upon the pavemment,
as though I was being
a man about his daily business...

Walking towards
the gigantic red bricked building
and shuddering
at the sound of the bell
that resembled thunder.

Staring at everyone singing
those dry high pitched hymns
that became muffled,
in the midst of daydreams
and boredom's torment.

Why did they come here?
I didnt care:
beside inhaling the fresh air
after leaving that cave
was a wonderous relief,
it made me happy revealing little white pearl teeths
Kicking cola cans and scoring goals
with repaired knee patches
from a week ago's, injuries.

My belief's?
In my books having true freedom,
a stylish look.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 5/10/2010 ©

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Mental Alley (Mind Music).

A Mental Alley (Mind Music).

I am not into love,
and hugs are Temperamental
In my mind it sounds like heavy metal
oh I love you,
come here and hug me:
I am a 'two-face' schizophrenic.

Only voices I befriend,
choices are past tense
with the intent to make further amends.

Am I cleanse?
Too intense: hot and cold,
handle with care if you dare,
just put me down
where you found me in the first place...
No where.

Are we clear?
maybe so-so,
up and down like a yo-yo
so does that make us such as no-no
like a no-go area,

Here we go again:
Confrontations and Arguments,
as i turn my hostility lower,
rewind and play it more softer, sweeter
and most definitely slower
ok, let's make up and get closer.

No fuck you!
Push you away and
erase you like a contact number,
A ghost you become
and haunt me in my slumber,
'til I heat you up like summer,
suffer a fever
and shiver like a cold winter.

Many are the colours.

My reflection of the interactions or conversations,
from the merging nations that builds up more and more
like an overcrowded population,
shouting above each other in gridlock
in a moment of chaos of abstraction.

This is sweet music in my Mind.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 31/7/2010 ©

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Invisible Life

give me back my eyes? so
I can fly striaght like an arrow
towards my destiny
from the Archer, I...







Exposed an explosion of thoughts and emotions, revealed
times like these, i will shield.
I will yield to the after-thoughts
than the present
and unwrap the presence,
an energy so lethal
but without it
would be detrimental to our survival.

you are a beautiful
so unseemly you teach.
peeling each layers,
unwillingly at times
and none, can claim it as a breach of contract
or privacy.

... am falling without wings
allowing the wind of invisible unclaimed words
to draw me in at such speed unimaginable,


(I have) got this, this one, caught in the palm of my hand,
the Author.


Shaun Gordon aka Donusho
29/09/2010 ©

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Locked off (Dear Locks)

Locked off (Dear Locks…)

Proceeding with one two three,
Into darkness of uncertainties…

Dear Locks,

You will be dearly missed
Cutting you off was the last thing
I would ever do.
What you meant to me…
Where do I begin.

Since I was seven,
I wanted long hair
My Mother said no
To cornrows, funky dreads
And anything over an inch!
I used to flinch
At going to the barbers
Thinking they were
Cutting a life form away,
Apart of me alive

I celebrated my manhood and freedom
and grew my locks,
You reminded me
Of small little maggots to begin with,
Comb twist.

Months grew into years
And you were already shoulder length.
Thick brown and beautiful:
A symbol of strength, determination and

This look I had was so unique,
apart of me,
I deemed it unimaginable to be parted away from you.
You were like my first and everlasting true love
Because you helped me identify, myself.
You were there through thick and thin.
Only to realise it was only for a season
Where uniqueness is truly and always,
Residing in the heart.

But it’s hard:
As I watched
The blades embraced
And cut you into two, apart.
I can hear you screaming,
Colour-blind as though I were
Watching a black and white film
Day dreaming a nightmare.

Then a humming bird
Whispered in my left ear
‘I am not my hair’, (India Aries)
Making my heart break the day like the sunshine.
So removing you would be like moving the clouds away
Yet I would still like it to rain.

Were we secret lovers having an affair in broad day light?
Tell me, we are not breaking away
Yet, its so evident that we have grown apart.
Proceeding with four, five, six, seven, eight
Its too late,
As you fall like duck feather on the floor.

Self reflection.
Of embracing the new,
Staring like a child unsure
Of what to do.
Dark brown nappy fluff
Candy floss
Exploring the lightness

A new look and freedom.
Cold sharp slick razor
Glides smoothly across
The Atlas of my head
Sheering away the wheats
To reveal dry ground.

A new look and freedom.
What an exploration,
The Liberation.
Of not being caged
Into an appearance
But a living soul,
A fresh wind beautifully packaged within.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho
07/08/2010 ©

Thursday, 23 September 2010



Brown and burgundy coated
My vision, as I say,
Can I speak to you
In a little more, detail
I dont mean to be rude,
I had some a little, more rum
Water down with coke
Taste so morish.
I am talking about
The 6th day
On the 6th month
Of the 2006 year.
When the chain on my brain was broken
And I saw the light
After church, prayer meeting,
That summer was the best
As I can hear my Grand-dad telling me
‘How I am so blessed’
Any way
It was evening,
Stamford hill
Do you know them side?
Let me sip a little more
And let the sting
Wet the back of my throat
Dry and cold…
What was I saying again?
Chasing after disaster
Trying to cool the eruption
Of a volcanic beast
And lava and rocks
Came down
And beat me twice
On the same cheek.
Pulling on my hair
And emptied my bag on the floor
As the Jews
Watched with entertained eyes,
What held me back from taking your head off?
Don’t blame or praise the Angels, and God or gods
Unseen, read about and heard of.
Blame it on me
Not just the fact I didn’t react
Second thought,
I guess that what burned you most!
That I didn’t cast you down to hell
And gloat in my delight as I hear your yells fade.
Praise me on how I told the truth
And it was none of my business in the first place
Yet it was insisted upon…
Yes that right
You accused me
Only to see
That I was in the right
And you were terribly wrong
No need to admit it.
Carry on!
Did you really think I would have
Stay and married you?
And allow you to beat me up silly
To repeat History… and I shall repeat:
His-story!? No your story.
To be honest that was one of my worst fears my dear,
You know?
To become a repetition
Of your forefathers.
Smile I gently, as the lava stings
And hide the pain under my thick skin.
This future is not for me,
Off comes the engagement ring
That was not meant to be
And let it melt in your own ashes and tears.
I didn’t need a sign
Just a kick start, for my mind to tick again
Was I, in a frozen primitive state?
An Ape
Brought back to life to enjoy the modern world
In all its glories and wonders, I wonder,
Oh and I heard all those same old stories
So good fuck, please don’t bore me.
I don’t claim to be perfect
But why
Do you think you are always right?
Hope some things change.

Guess it was god’s will then
To confound the wise on 06/06/2006!

Excuse me mate,
Another double rum and coke please?
Actually make it two.
A celebration of Life
Without you.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 5/9/2010 ©

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Your Words Are

Your words don't matter
any more to me

Your words will fade
into the abyss
and rots there,
where it belongs.

I am not angry,
rather calm and collective
your audacity wants me
to react like someone
who has epilepsy.

Your vocabulary and sound
can not be mixed
like oil and water.
drip off my Goretex jacket
Bribe and Confusion.

My ear waxs detects your manipulation
judgemental spat
mood swing song's
and above all

I have no burden strapped
because it was packed
and sent away to Disney land
as though it never existed.

Your music has vanished
because i broke the vinyl's,
Sounds of a broken record
reminded me of a spoilt child.

The last straw, a crumpled, half torn photo of you.
Memory lane can remain a stain,
washed out with bleach,
so dont you ever come near me
and preach!

Damn blood sucking leech!

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 5/9/2010 ©

Wednesday, 15 September 2010



I saw these roses
and thought of you
It looked so electrifying
and so warm with love.

Never hide your light,
bravely smile
and let it shine
even in the rain.

Let no pain
take you off
your life's goals or dreams,

Let your thorns
protect you from
every forbidden hand
only allow whats right
to handle you.

Though your strong
you are still tender loving Lady
that needs to be handled
in a Gentleman's way.

And on that Day of his Arrival
only then your thorns will soften
and you will exhale fresh perfume.

A love that only
both of you consume,
flourish and bloom,
so believe these Roses

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 26/8/2010 ©

Note: Another old poem of mine I found.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Low Moment.

A Low Moment.

I fight back tears
as i have no hope
I speak to the trees
and the leaves
as they rustle their sympathies,
symphony orchestra
the trees remind me to be hard
yet they can still be cut down
I look at the barks
with faces of distorted frowns,
the green leaves
fills me with peace though,
and entreats me
not to stop,
my thoughts talk
my nightmare stalks
filling me with the notion
of what would it be like to be dead?
And watch everyone I know
to see if they really cared.
Resurrect back
to wipe their tears
cause their pain
I could not bear.
Their love I would share
My hate I would shear
and sell as wool
to you know who?
I have no idea.
how did I end up here?
I open my eyes,
closed my mouth
and my ears spoke wisdom
til I bore you
and make your Brain
boil and bubble over
into insanity,
that indeed I am.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 26/8/2010 ©

Note: An old poem of mine I found. Reminded me of alot of emotions. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Recalling one two one two
I remember in black and white photographs
collages in my mind's eyes
as it rolls in time like a film script
wishing i was strong and tough
like those bullies,
instead i was skinny with two left knees.
thats the reason I got picked last
for the football team
in the playground?
My lips are too thick
I want them as yours, thin
as i have seen in every hollywood movie,
back then and...
and, my hair stands as though they have legs of their own, afro
cant they just flow with the wind as yours...
not to mention,
my two buck teeth earned me the nickname bugs bunny
or even better, Goofy.
I deem these my inherited flaws
because, I dont see no girlfriend holding my hand
looking into my brown eyes,
poppy love.
I think they preferred blue ones that matched the sunny skies.
I wasnt cool
I am the boy who stay late
after art class has finished.
teased tears to flow from my eyes
but I heard big boys dont cry.

Then something changed
and it was just like any other day,
as the long finger hit twelve on the clock
swimming though London's crowded current
catching a glimpse of admiring stares,

Being confided in
and appreciated
in more ways than one,
though I had unpopular opinions,
never really ceased to think this way.
Confidence and Acceptance blossoms
creating inner peace
while I was trying make sense of these jigsaw pieces.
Dawning on me as from boy to man
I just, didnt see it back then...

Specially selected ingredients,
Carefully handcrafted
and metric measured
equals me,
Entitled: Different.


Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 7/9/2010 ©

Image as seen on:, (05/09/2010) and inspirational prompt:"Embrace being different. There is nothing special or unique about a clone." Thanks Alee..

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Eyes glazed
at the camera frame
igniting my imagination's flame,
in those weeny seconds
what thoughts
processed you?
I was seeking somehow to
become one with these...
only to realise I would be guessing,
If I had the gifts
to speak your language
I would approach and ask
can I give you a stroke?
savouring each minute
as though it was the only time ever.
Softly embracing you
as I listen to you speak of
and then whisper in your ear
slumber is ours,
let's us continue
to dream today,
I'd rather,
be here forever.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 5/9/2010 ©
Photo provided by Adam Dustus, written for one shoot sunday photo prompt on

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I saw you Today Grey.

I saw you Today Grey.

I saw you today
focused and tired
walking on the bleak and grey tarmac
Blurry around nine-thirty.

I saw you today
my smile greeted you
with the warmth of the sun
you felt it, unknowingly.

I saw you today
In your navy tank top
over a white t-shirt and jeans,
holding a Brown tan leather breif-case,
oh, look at that!
You've cut your hair low,
other than that,
you looked the same.

Almost, a frozen picture frame.

I saw you today
as you walked
in your bubble of thoughts
which was 'un-pop-able':
were you stressed?
Are you even happy?

I saw you today
and reminisced
on how I saw you
as my big brother
bordering Fatherhood figure
Cloaked and protected
under your wings, your words and guidance...

I saw you today
and could have
walked directly behind you
and morphed myself into your shadow
Instead I let you go.

Its a shame
that we were so close
and I was
simply unrecognisable.
Today was good
Because I saw you.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho
26/8/2010 ©

Wednesday, 25 August 2010



No idea, no imagination
of the pain it caused you.

My unwares were like a Moth
flying towards the Black candle's flames,
stupity and embarassment
embraces my train of thoughts.

Those envious eyes
and fake smiles,
the way you
distance your presence,
your conversations
and talented mind.

To think that you thought i was a apart of that
makes me feel like my heart never existed,
as though i were a living corpse

feeding on your very existence.

Unworthily but surely,
please know that i am aware
with a new lease of life like a butterfly
breaking free from her cocoon for the first time.
Look at the colour of my wings through my eyes
and know that i speak the truth to you:
Silver, yellow, purple, lilac and white.

I am pointing my torch on your brain
receive my light and allow the dark gossip to diminish:

whatever and hug me brother
you are like my soul's shadow
and i won't give up without a fight
for our friendship.

i know now,

I didnt realised that they cut you out

I know now,
because they cut me off

Why dont we unite,

and tell them to fuck off!?

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

3/8/2010 ©

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Mr. Serpent

I am her Snake
She is my Eve
But it’s me
She deceives,
So what does
That make she?
I am smooth
She bathe
in my words,
only to realise
she deeply in love.
Know not which one
To choose
I coil round her
Hypnotise her
Wrap tightly round her curves
She screams.
I let her go
And swam away
On dry land
She eats fruits
no more
cause she
fell into my hands
will remain mine
only at your own risk
if you are in it for the bliss
because I shine
Do not look into my eyes
My words are sweet
Sweeter than Haribos
But bitter lies
Fly away birds
Come to me curious cats
Your hats won’t hide your shame
Is it me you Blame?
Told you
To play
At your own risk
Now lets kiss
And start it all over
Resist me
If you can.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

02/08/2010© (2007)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010



Saying Sorry
What for?
I feel no remorse
No regrets
Nothing at all
Is it right then
To say sorry?
Then sorry is a lie
Sorry could be said
For good manners
Still I feel no remorse
Sorry is a cop-out!
To diffuse an argument
Still I feel no remorse
No regrets
Nothing at all
Sorry is being responsible
For your actions
My heart is right
I feel no remorse
No regrets
Nothing at all
Oh By the way
I am Sorry

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Donusho: Final Plea 2

Donusho: Final Plea 2

Final Plea 2

Allow me to suck...

Your sweet soul everlastingly,
with a lick and a bite.

Let me heal your wounds
Just guide my hands where ever you need it most.

Your moisture is my mixture
so flow, float, be dazed and amazed.

Be the Queen of my Empire!
Please, can I be your dedicated Vampire?

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Final Plea 1

If i could,
like the weather
become one with the rain,
fall down on you
heavy or light
however you like,
drip on you as i scroll on your cheeks
please drink me
and let me take over your Brain.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

H.A.T.E love

Your mind to mine
i tuned into Love,
as all good for the good of all.
Ever beautiful, splendor and light.
Strong glorious might
that resembles King Arthur's Knights
Sisterhood of the conscience and the will,
ever flowing.

And As i fell from your branch
I realised you and I,
a living lie
slow motion falling
i hear earth calling
wind rushing pass my ears laughing
deceived by your warmth
the sound of my heart shattered
til i choke on the tears of black oil
and being rejected by the soil
we grew from.

Distance miles away and i am Hate,
H.A.T.E 'hope against the enemy',
Hating love as
she fly's gracefully
and i breathed pollution
and made her a dirty filthy pigeon,
revealing her love, a true place
bitch two-face hypocrite!

I can see through your mirage
sealing your mouth of manipulative leeches
stealing newborn hearts,
that's the sad part, as i am the first broken-hearted.
Now i am the last one laughing, a Hero.

As my shadow covers you like a blanket,
shank my fist into the core
bleed slow and slower,
see the fascination and enjoyment in my eyes,
my soul, the mist and tremble
for it is sore and cold.

One by one plucked your feathers til you are naked,
whimper in pain as i etch my anger and jealousy on your form.
Become your worst storm and piss acid heavily
like a territorial rain.

Watch you dissolve and flow into the drain:
this time I won.
Surrendering my eyes to slumber
and recoil back into the evening shade.
Waiting for your return of sweet vengeance.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

Thursday, 15 July 2010


I am beautiful and ugly
I call myself human,

What you... don’t understand
Stay here,


Fine tune
Hear me clearly
Hate stares at me
With fire in their eyes
Its really ok
I shine a smile
Cause I am a star,

Keep watching
Follow me
And I lead you to baby Jesus
Present your gifts

I see,
Fingers pointing at me
And words thrown at me
Like stones,

I’m asked to do the impossible,
For love produced miracles
And my back was treated
Like a door mat,

I make no apologies
For my feelings:
It’s true,

And it sounded like
A choir with wings
Singing in harmony,
Those with intent
To bring harm to me,

Like God
They tried to put me in a box
But I’m special
And I can’t be stopped.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho
01.08.2008 / 00:00

Dear Nemesis…

In my demise
Of my arch nemesis
The last kiss of my fist
That bled wounds of bliss,

I see blackness like a shadow
As I stare at you
Through the mirror,
Come here
Come closer
Bring your ear here
And listen.

You do
You better not harm her
I’m watching
Your shadow
Her Angel
Your devil
A ghost
To haunt you forever!

Killing me wasn’t very clever
Feel my chill
As I stare
With no eyes
And emotionless face
Now taste me
And fear!

Everytime She cries
I will catch her teardrops
And Turn it into crystals
And when you hurt her heart
And in secret she bleeds
It shall turn into rubies,

You will never sleep
Cause I turn your dream into nightmares,
I etch my desires on your skin
From inside out,
You can hear me
And I can feel you banging your head
Telling me to come out!

You are begging my corpse
To come to life.
Remember you wanted this
Not realising that were apart of each other,
The Balance.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho ©
31/7/08 - 00:35

Monday, 5 July 2010


Walk with me on the ever green fields,
I hold your silver necklace
on a leash tightly as you pull,
know that, I am your authority.

I will breed you and your seeds
for profitability,
I request your loyalty
as I am royalty.

No sleep for you indeed
for my pleasure is your needs,
stay on your knees, my satisfaction
Is beyond measure like the dead in the sea.

You can not escape my
overcast shadows,
Stay there, chained up
behind my crystal glass, now.
work your magic,
my sweet Captive.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho ©

(interpretation of 'reality is a bitch and silence is it's whore' by HereComesTheSun).

Sunday, 27 June 2010

I Blinked

I blinked
And saw my feet
In mud
I Blinked
And saw my feet
Covered in Blood
I Blinked
Falling towards the sky
I Blinked
I hear mourning
And millions of flies
I Blinked
With a child
In my arms

I Blinked
Sitting on top
Of a mountain
With ants
The size of mouse
Running towards me
I blinked
I am in a house
Covered in bubble wrap
I blinked
I am suffocating
I blinked
A dark shadow’s hands
Over my neck
I blinked
Screamed in my ears
I blinked
Shadows running around in my room
On the walls

I Blinked
In a middle of a dark forest
I blinked
I’m sinking into the trees
And the ground is reaching out to save me
I blinked
Crying tears of pearls into my hands
I blinked
With no thoughts of tomorrow
Only today’s Sorrows
And Past Forgets

I blinked
And saw a reflection of you and me
One was dark
One had wings
I couldn’t tell which One
Was me
I blinked
Kissing you in mid-air
Sharing lights
Flying in the wind
Like the kites
I blinked
With everything I touched
Turned to dust
I blinked
A moth caught on fire
I smell a liar
I blinked

And saw the moon
Talking to me
I blinked
Running with wolves
Following me
I blinked
To be embraced by you
A mermaid
I feel vulnerable
In all your beauty
Fearful of you
I blinked
Tapping on the icy ceiling
With you pulling on my feet
I blinked
I’m tied up and seated
Now, you look ugly

I blinked
Falling through on dry ground
Its hot and dry
With no water to be found
I blinked
I feel gunshots
Passed by like butterflies

I blinked
Talking to you
In a middle of a conversation
I blinked
With multitude of people
Crowding me
I blinked
With multitude of whispers
In my ears
I blinked
Seated on a throne
I blinked
In bed with two
With love-making moans
I blinked
With your blonde hair in the air’s breeze
I breathe in your fragrance
Allowing your hands to tease

I blinked
Playing poker with crows
I blinked
I see greed and needs
You seemed pleased
I blinked
Tortured by unbearable heat
I blinked
Cocooned within grey sheets
I blinked
With snickering from behind
I Blinked
Two canine teeth’s on my pillow

I blinked
And saw Blackness
And it was beautifully
And I hesitated
To blink again…

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho ©
23/3/08 - 00:40


Take care
much love
and blue
and even more
now lets
all night
I catch a
out of this
entity.... (like my poetry)

let be
fill you
with fresh
and be
like the trees
more green
like weed,
more high
like fly
to the sky
and beyond,
this one
is for you
label it:

and tears
alive and
facing fears
this is
our portion,
why we
of this day
and time
unheard of,
our light will
outlast time
into eternity
like maternity
unborn thoughts
grow into actions
create gods and visions
in some
high place
that is unheard
until I am
what you wasn’t
destiny fulfilled
in full
in cool drip
of water
peace of mind’s

you heard
of me
And Visions
All one
Look closer
And read out
My name
Shaun Gordon

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

Dedicated to Adam Rogers.

It was Destiny’s Revelation.

It was Destiny’s Revelation.

A rare Jewel
Of many colours
Called Tanya
That no man could buy

When Paul Daye saw you
And both your eyes met
An overwhelming desire manifested

To have you in his life
To be his strength
When he is weak
A Healer when bruised
Light where darkness stands

A Foundation when all crumbles around
Blessed in his successes
A code of honour
For all to see

In all your Beauties
Diamonds and Pearls
Cannot compare to you.


It was Destiny’s

Treasuring each moment
Until time became timeless
Being close
Felt like Heaven
A way of life
Harmonious currency
Like the waterfall
Called Love

A Love So pure
Like it lived
Once before
And ever present
In your midst

A bond,
Unbreakable like a rope
That has an anchor,
Which keeps you

It was Destiny’s

Like the morning and night
You became one Day
As One flesh,
One unit
One love

The love of his life
The irreplaceable
Mrs Tanya Daye

By Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

Dedicated to Mr and Mrs Daye

Sky High To Mount Everest.

Appearing from nowhere
He stares you
Up and down

Your long toned thighs
Freshly creamed

Smooth snake hips
That moves like the rhythm of Soca

And your tender
Soft juicy sugar lips
That resembles Toffee Apples.

And mouth-wateringly swallows
And strolls towards you
Like a tiger

Concealing his eager and hard…
Whispers ‘give me some love babes’

Like a genie from a lamp
He became
All things to you

Twisting your lid
Teasingly and slow
And drank your vanilla milkshake
Like a thirsty drunken.

Makes you hot
Became your shower head
Making you wet everywhere…

The Rhythm of Passion,
Heated conditions,
Pleasurable emotions
Sensual Stroking
God blessed
Damn right
Sky high
To Mount Everest.

By Shaun Gordon aka Donusho
30/4/2010 ©

Dedicated to Mrs Tanya Daye.