Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Young and foolish so we were
can you remember
as our eyes greeted with giggles
'Yo boy!?'
screeching in front of me
of your gigantic mountain bike frame
making you appear inferior
on the exterior, definitely an
emperor disguised.

Hazel eyes they were and varnished oak wood brown complexion,
holding shelves of books like competitiveness, complications, confusions,
compliments, discontentments, ambitions, amusements, intelligence... argumentative,
and i read them all eagerly,
repetitively and devoutly
as though you were my religion.

Disputes and bruised ego's
where did it go? I tried to follow
the crumbs it has left behind, leading to a wall of mist
which distracts the train of thoughts to a halt
on the last station, bear and empty.

Wish I didn't throw her number away
I regret missing you
Save me from this crushing dismay
i hope to cross your path some day
would you even rememeber me

Faithfully yours,
A Lost Friend.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 27/10/2010 ©


  1. Sounds like there is a chance to catch the train of thoughts if your paths cross again, you both obviously stirred each others thoughts.

  2. sad yet powerful,
    hope to cross your path,

    let's pray and wish your dream come true.

  3. Lost paths sought
    on the black
    balding page
    of blog
    this stage
    where words dance
    your words
    memory's trance
    a chance
    to catch the train
    that, once missed
    may never return
    but might
    some night
    in the coal black
    light of sweet London
    where Candy kissed
    your soul.

    Oh Shaun, see how you inspire me? I Loved this poem (yours, that is). Once again you caught me in the emotion of moment and drew me as close as the blade that shaves your skin. Nice work.

  4. Beautifu poem as usual my friend :)

  5. @everyday Goddess, i sure hope so, i guess we were thinking of each other in the spirit?... maybe one day when i least expect it i will bump into her.

    @Jingle, thank you for your comment, much appreciated

    @Broken pen writer, WOW your poem was GREAT, i love it!! thank you for blessing my page with your talent - sending you BIG hugs and smile my friend.. this really made my day. It feel so good to be able to inspire you and others. i think i might repost (hope you dont mind).

    @I'm Alee, thanks you very much, i read your post about Russell open letter to Kanye and your view's made me laugh as always.


    awards for you. Happy Thanksgiving! xx

    Hope to see you at our potluck tonight,
    your support is appreciated.