Wednesday, 25 August 2010



No idea, no imagination
of the pain it caused you.

My unwares were like a Moth
flying towards the Black candle's flames,
stupity and embarassment
embraces my train of thoughts.

Those envious eyes
and fake smiles,
the way you
distance your presence,
your conversations
and talented mind.

To think that you thought i was a apart of that
makes me feel like my heart never existed,
as though i were a living corpse

feeding on your very existence.

Unworthily but surely,
please know that i am aware
with a new lease of life like a butterfly
breaking free from her cocoon for the first time.
Look at the colour of my wings through my eyes
and know that i speak the truth to you:
Silver, yellow, purple, lilac and white.

I am pointing my torch on your brain
receive my light and allow the dark gossip to diminish:

whatever and hug me brother
you are like my soul's shadow
and i won't give up without a fight
for our friendship.

i know now,

I didnt realised that they cut you out

I know now,
because they cut me off

Why dont we unite,

and tell them to fuck off!?

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

3/8/2010 ©


  1. I love the way you write. I have looked through a few pieces and really admire your honesty and style. Be Inspired Today! Love and Light, Sender

  2. Thank you sender, really appreciate your comment.

    I love your blog - truely inspirational.