Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Recalling one two one two
I remember in black and white photographs
collages in my mind's eyes
as it rolls in time like a film script
wishing i was strong and tough
like those bullies,
instead i was skinny with two left knees.
thats the reason I got picked last
for the football team
in the playground?
My lips are too thick
I want them as yours, thin
as i have seen in every hollywood movie,
back then and...
and, my hair stands as though they have legs of their own, afro
cant they just flow with the wind as yours...
not to mention,
my two buck teeth earned me the nickname bugs bunny
or even better, Goofy.
I deem these my inherited flaws
because, I dont see no girlfriend holding my hand
looking into my brown eyes,
poppy love.
I think they preferred blue ones that matched the sunny skies.
I wasnt cool
I am the boy who stay late
after art class has finished.
teased tears to flow from my eyes
but I heard big boys dont cry.

Then something changed
and it was just like any other day,
as the long finger hit twelve on the clock
swimming though London's crowded current
catching a glimpse of admiring stares,

Being confided in
and appreciated
in more ways than one,
though I had unpopular opinions,
never really ceased to think this way.
Confidence and Acceptance blossoms
creating inner peace
while I was trying make sense of these jigsaw pieces.
Dawning on me as from boy to man
I just, didnt see it back then...

Specially selected ingredients,
Carefully handcrafted
and metric measured
equals me,
Entitled: Different.


Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 7/9/2010 ©

Image as seen on: http://www.aleesperspective.com, (05/09/2010) and inspirational prompt:"Embrace being different. There is nothing special or unique about a clone." Thanks Alee..


  1. Oh, I can relate to this...I was an ugly duck as a young girl...then one day when I was 25 - someone looked at me and said "my god you are beautiful".... we blossom, we are children of greater purpose...we are all unquie...nice read...bkm

  2. Great one shot, love the word selection and the tale you crafted. Love and Light, Sender

  3. tight. being different, back in the day, was not a whole lot of fun. and yes there came a day when it seemed almost over night different was not so bad...and the racial undertones of the piece as well....get that too..nice one shot!

  4. I especially like how you end this by seeing your differences as special, to be proud of, something to "grow into" and cultivate: "Confidence and Acceptance blossoms/ creating inner peace. . . ." Yes.

    This "reads" well; I can imagine how it might sound if spoken.

  5. Amazing! "though I had unpopular opinions,
    never really ceased to think this way.
    Confidence and Acceptance blossoms
    creating inner peace"
    Wise words (entire poem); well said, Donusho

  6. I can relate to being picked last for sports. Very well written.

  7. such a wonderfully inspirational poem.......

  8. Great work...I love the idea and construction of this piece. it was a pleasure to read.


  9. Shaun, this piece is a breakthrough for me into you and into your poetry. Your work (that I've read) up to now has been somewhat derivative as if you were trying to catch that London current and plug into it. With this poem, it's as though you fought to get into why you need to express yourself in this form and you did it. You came to a realization in this work. It takes a lot of reading and writing to find yourself. The more you tap into what makes you unique the more unique your own work becomes. You know best what you know inside you. Keep tapping it. Thank you, Gay

  10. Different is so often overlooked and underappreciated, but different is beautiful.

  11. Well told story of transformation. Thank you. - Bill

  12. I was always picked last for the football team
    untyil one day in high school they discovered and I discovered that they could hand me the ball and I could run like the wind.

    Enjoyed this, sir.

  13. The great thing about becoming what we get to... sensibly- of course

    Amazing post!

  14. There's obviously a lot of personal expression in this work, Shaun. It made me glad to read that the young man finally discovered his worth. (Too many people never do)

  15. Hello every one, thank you very very much for all your comments and kind words (smile). Glad to hear that alot of us can relate to what was written but through it all we came out on top!!

    @Gay, wow, i am very happy that you thought this piece was a breakthrough.. i will definately keep tapping away and i am sure that if i drop below the mark, you will let me know, which i must say i really appreciate - thanks ;)

  16. I SO much relate to this one too..i believe being different somehow builds your innermost. it is that special..:) love it so much..:) great one shot!

  17. this was exceptional...there is so much that i could see in my life being mirrored here..but becoming man found me and in that i found my confidence... excellent..cheers pete

  18. Hi Donusho, I love your message, both in your introduction and in the poem Different. I like that you came to Different as a title and conclusion and not Black, because every color, sex, age and size goes through some form in some degree of being different. While this choice would be totally okay and well deserved, by choosing Different, you didn't alienate half your readers, but connected with the universal experience of growing up - and celebrated human survival of childhood. Your decision to look at the big picture made your work bigger too.
    The other thing I loved here was the way you sculpted the poem - that jewel in the center when suddenly 'something changed.' You created that sense of wonder and it reminded me how one day I looked around, and I wasn't a teeny bopper anymore. People talked to me with respect and I could eat dessert before I ate my supper. Nice work - I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

  19. Hi Desert, brokenpenwriter and Pete, thank you for your comments and I am glad that you could relate. I think it's so amazing that so many people from different backgrounds go through the same thing and somehow we come out the other end enlighten.
    Brokenpenwriter, 'the survival of childhood' - i love the way you summed up this poem, which is 'bang on'.
    (Big Smile)

    Thank once again for everyone comments.

  20. The pleasure was all mine Alee. Your post was truly an inspiration.

  21. Man this thing of realizing the crappy stuff others dislike about you, makes you beautiful in the end, this concept has been all over me this week. Thank you for writing this Donusho

  22. I found out about this poem on Alee's Perspective and I love it!

  23. Hi Missbria88 & Boy king 101,

    Thank you both for your comments. i am glad you both enjoyed it.

    Boy king 101, its great to know that you could relate to this concept, at some stage we have all been through it and most importantly come out on top! hope this poetry has been encouragement to you!!

    Wishing you both a nice day!!