Thursday, 23 September 2010



Brown and burgundy coated
My vision, as I say,
Can I speak to you
In a little more, detail
I dont mean to be rude,
I had some a little, more rum
Water down with coke
Taste so morish.
I am talking about
The 6th day
On the 6th month
Of the 2006 year.
When the chain on my brain was broken
And I saw the light
After church, prayer meeting,
That summer was the best
As I can hear my Grand-dad telling me
‘How I am so blessed’
Any way
It was evening,
Stamford hill
Do you know them side?
Let me sip a little more
And let the sting
Wet the back of my throat
Dry and cold…
What was I saying again?
Chasing after disaster
Trying to cool the eruption
Of a volcanic beast
And lava and rocks
Came down
And beat me twice
On the same cheek.
Pulling on my hair
And emptied my bag on the floor
As the Jews
Watched with entertained eyes,
What held me back from taking your head off?
Don’t blame or praise the Angels, and God or gods
Unseen, read about and heard of.
Blame it on me
Not just the fact I didn’t react
Second thought,
I guess that what burned you most!
That I didn’t cast you down to hell
And gloat in my delight as I hear your yells fade.
Praise me on how I told the truth
And it was none of my business in the first place
Yet it was insisted upon…
Yes that right
You accused me
Only to see
That I was in the right
And you were terribly wrong
No need to admit it.
Carry on!
Did you really think I would have
Stay and married you?
And allow you to beat me up silly
To repeat History… and I shall repeat:
His-story!? No your story.
To be honest that was one of my worst fears my dear,
You know?
To become a repetition
Of your forefathers.
Smile I gently, as the lava stings
And hide the pain under my thick skin.
This future is not for me,
Off comes the engagement ring
That was not meant to be
And let it melt in your own ashes and tears.
I didn’t need a sign
Just a kick start, for my mind to tick again
Was I, in a frozen primitive state?
An Ape
Brought back to life to enjoy the modern world
In all its glories and wonders, I wonder,
Oh and I heard all those same old stories
So good fuck, please don’t bore me.
I don’t claim to be perfect
But why
Do you think you are always right?
Hope some things change.

Guess it was god’s will then
To confound the wise on 06/06/2006!

Excuse me mate,
Another double rum and coke please?
Actually make it two.
A celebration of Life
Without you.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 5/9/2010 ©


  1. Your poems are so detailed & well written. Enjoyed this from start to finish.

  2. Alee, thank you for your comment and i am glad you enjoyed this reading of my reflection of the past. :)

  3. wow. nice telling of a hard memory...the lava and ashe are great images...and glad in the end you can still celebrate teh day...

  4. Mr. Miller, thanks for reading and your comments. I am very glad i have reached the place where i can express and clelebrate the ...'A life without you'.

  5. Oh my good, that is just perfectly written! I'm happy for you that you decided to leave soon enough... Enjoy your life the way you want - just LIVE IT!