Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Low Moment.

A Low Moment.

I fight back tears
as i have no hope
I speak to the trees
and the leaves
as they rustle their sympathies,
symphony orchestra
the trees remind me to be hard
yet they can still be cut down
I look at the barks
with faces of distorted frowns,
the green leaves
fills me with peace though,
and entreats me
not to stop,
my thoughts talk
my nightmare stalks
filling me with the notion
of what would it be like to be dead?
And watch everyone I know
to see if they really cared.
Resurrect back
to wipe their tears
cause their pain
I could not bear.
Their love I would share
My hate I would shear
and sell as wool
to you know who?
I have no idea.
how did I end up here?
I open my eyes,
closed my mouth
and my ears spoke wisdom
til I bore you
and make your Brain
boil and bubble over
into insanity,
that indeed I am.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 26/8/2010 ©

Note: An old poem of mine I found. Reminded me of alot of emotions. Enjoy.


  1. "The trees remind me to be hard, yet they can still be cut down"

    This line gave me goose bumps - a signal from ny body that pure truth resides - and stops me from racing on, slowing me down and reading everything again - reading with head, heart and six senses. You dare to ask the question that so many ask, you dare to visualize what would happen, how would it happen, and dive into the experience until you "open my eyes" and realize "that indeed I am."
    You learned something valuable. Just as the tree, who stands there, knowing it could be cut down, still stands - doesn't die on purpose, in fear or in spite. Doesn't see itself cornered, even though it truly is stuck in the ground, it finds where the air exists, where the light is, where the water flows, and There is where it goes and finds nourishment.
    Keep writing dear Donusho - your words are the branches of exploration, your mind the roots that settle you deep inside, understanding and freeing yourself.
    It is important to give up. I make it a practice to say, I give up. I quit. I've had it. I give myself permission. Having quit, I am then free to begin again. Like the deciduous tree that goes into the submission of winter, it begins again each spring. Without dying.
    Keep writing. When it hurts, especially then, keep writing.

    I love your work - have added you to my blogroll, hope that's okay?

  2. Thank very much brokenpenwriter for your encouraging words and letting me know how you have perceived my poetry because you shown me that you have connected to my experiences and my mind, which I am exceeding grateful for. You have made my day and helped make writing a pleasure (though sometimes painful). No worries though, I will continue to write.

    And I am very honoured to be added to your blog roll. Once again thank you (big smile).



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  4. I feel your emotions.
    sad and heartfelt words...
    well done!

  5. such beautiful vision and reflection
    great job

  6. I fight back tears
    as i have no hope
    I speak to the trees
    and the leaves....

    it is so very well written...
    letting go is hard, but when you do, new opportunity arises....

    Happy Writing!

  7. This is a truly interesting poem. The wisdom of trees...the wisdom of closed mouths and open ears.
    the insanity of the hardness in us all.

    I like this poem. Thank you.

  8. aha...this was some ride. A journey through your mind's state? Anyway this looked as if it was written from heart. Thanks!

  9. "of what would it be like to be dead?
    And watch everyone I know
    to see if they really cared."

    I have wondered the same so many times. I loved how you created a beautiful poem from a simple flow of thoughts.
    Very nice :)

  10. Thank you everyone for your comments these are all very much appreciated.

    Knowing that you can relate, really makes writing even more of a pleasure.

    I invite you to attend Thursday Poets Rally week 31
    let me know when you are ready.
    Thanks a lot.