Sunday, 5 September 2010


Eyes glazed
at the camera frame
igniting my imagination's flame,
in those weeny seconds
what thoughts
processed you?
I was seeking somehow to
become one with these...
only to realise I would be guessing,
If I had the gifts
to speak your language
I would approach and ask
can I give you a stroke?
savouring each minute
as though it was the only time ever.
Softly embracing you
as I listen to you speak of
and then whisper in your ear
slumber is ours,
let's us continue
to dream today,
I'd rather,
be here forever.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 5/9/2010 ©
Photo provided by Adam Dustus, written for one shoot sunday photo prompt on


  1. Great work with the prompt, Donusho. I'm not sure what is my favorite aspect of the poem, the contemplation or the fearless, loving conclusion you project through the lion, or the view of the "gift" of a language barrier. Outstanding! Thank you for sharing your poetry with us today. Cheers!

  2. This is lovely. Absolutely lovely.

  3. Thank you gentlemen's for your comments. I am glad you liked it. I love this photo dustus!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. sepak to the lioness and hear her stroke her coat and whisper in her ear...tight.

  5. Dustus provided such a magnificent photo - the expression on the lioness's face is priceless.

    I love that you wanted to know the mysteries the beautiful cat had to share. I often wonder what they would tell us if they could speak. I like that you asked permission to touch. I think that's a wise move! :)

    And my word verification was "caten" - that made me laugh!

  6. this was a great write my friend...i loved the part about wanting to ask if i could stroke made me feel as though this lioness was aslam himself....wonderful piece..cheers pete

  7. lovely Donusho, we all share the heart of lioness...she cradles us in our sleep...your love for her is in these words...nice..bkm

  8. @Brian Miller, Thank you - i tried to convey the intimacy of the moment.

    @Talon, lol i am glad i am still in tact after being so close! I can only agree with you about the photo - Magnificent!! Thank you.

    @Pete Marshall, Well, honestly i had to ask her permission (smile). Thank you.

    @BKM, Thank you for your comment and i am glad you could feel the love through the words (smile).