Thursday, 29 July 2010

H.A.T.E love

Your mind to mine
i tuned into Love,
as all good for the good of all.
Ever beautiful, splendor and light.
Strong glorious might
that resembles King Arthur's Knights
Sisterhood of the conscience and the will,
ever flowing.

And As i fell from your branch
I realised you and I,
a living lie
slow motion falling
i hear earth calling
wind rushing pass my ears laughing
deceived by your warmth
the sound of my heart shattered
til i choke on the tears of black oil
and being rejected by the soil
we grew from.

Distance miles away and i am Hate,
H.A.T.E 'hope against the enemy',
Hating love as
she fly's gracefully
and i breathed pollution
and made her a dirty filthy pigeon,
revealing her love, a true place
bitch two-face hypocrite!

I can see through your mirage
sealing your mouth of manipulative leeches
stealing newborn hearts,
that's the sad part, as i am the first broken-hearted.
Now i am the last one laughing, a Hero.

As my shadow covers you like a blanket,
shank my fist into the core
bleed slow and slower,
see the fascination and enjoyment in my eyes,
my soul, the mist and tremble
for it is sore and cold.

One by one plucked your feathers til you are naked,
whimper in pain as i etch my anger and jealousy on your form.
Become your worst storm and piss acid heavily
like a territorial rain.

Watch you dissolve and flow into the drain:
this time I won.
Surrendering my eyes to slumber
and recoil back into the evening shade.
Waiting for your return of sweet vengeance.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho


  1. I finished reading this poem and was struck by the imagery of Donusho sitting like a tyrant, waiting for the vengeance due him. This poem is wicked and sinister; I like it.

    What happens next? Will Donusho feel the wrath of this dimensionless Love beast as she retaliates? - will that be the end of this hero?

    Speak Easy.

  2. Sharp, you have inspired me to write a part 2 for when love hit back with vengence! Lets see where i can go with this piece!

  3. Love this. It kind of reminds me of a piece I wrote about six months ago, Chains of Illusions. I'll have to post it on my blog so you can read it.


  4. Cool, I can't wait to read it!! Let me know when its posted up.