Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Mental Alley (Mind Music).

A Mental Alley (Mind Music).

I am not into love,
and hugs are Temperamental
In my mind it sounds like heavy metal
oh I love you,
come here and hug me:
I am a 'two-face' schizophrenic.

Only voices I befriend,
choices are past tense
with the intent to make further amends.

Am I cleanse?
Too intense: hot and cold,
handle with care if you dare,
just put me down
where you found me in the first place...
No where.

Are we clear?
maybe so-so,
up and down like a yo-yo
so does that make us such as no-no
like a no-go area,

Here we go again:
Confrontations and Arguments,
as i turn my hostility lower,
rewind and play it more softer, sweeter
and most definitely slower
ok, let's make up and get closer.

No fuck you!
Push you away and
erase you like a contact number,
A ghost you become
and haunt me in my slumber,
'til I heat you up like summer,
suffer a fever
and shiver like a cold winter.

Many are the colours.

My reflection of the interactions or conversations,
from the merging nations that builds up more and more
like an overcrowded population,
shouting above each other in gridlock
in a moment of chaos of abstraction.

This is sweet music in my Mind.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 31/7/2010 ©


  1. Hi Donusho. Great beginning and the poem seems to build through extreme highs and lows. Well done. The stanza that begins "My reflection of the interactions or conversations..." that part was my favorite. Conflicting emotions flowing throughout. Excellent One Shot once again!

  2. dud you got wicked flow...loving the rhymin....delete you like a contact...snap...suffer a fever and shiver like a cold winter...double snap...the emotions are swirling in this one...nice one shot!

  3. Thank you Brian for your appreciation of my rhymes ;D

  4. Thank you Dustus for your comment, much appreciated. I am glad you picked up on the conflicting emotions, that is exactly what i wanted to portray in the midst of the rhymes.

  5. I have a sense of familiarity with these words; "only voices I befriend" perhaps it is the song of the poet who falls in love with words rather than with people. Also,this seems to convey the poet's need for human interaction while preferring isolation to explore our his own voice. I felt the battle in your word choices and the magnetic attraction and repulsion. Thanks for writing and posting. Gay @beachanny (Also thanks for coming by my blog..think this must be a busy week for our poets. It seems to be taking more time to read this week as well for me.)

  6. wow - this fights, love, struggle and intense emotions in your poem..a joy to the rhythm!

  7. @Gay, thank you very much for your comments - much appreciated. dropping by your blog was a pleasure.

    @ Claudia, i am glad you enjoyed the rhythm and contents alike. thank you very much for your comments too.

    BIG hugs to you both!

  8. Dan: very well done.. swinging it through the peaks..!!

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  10. how are you?
    beautiful sentiments expressed here.

  11. @Olivia, thanks for comments, much appreciated - see you soon on pot luck!

    @jingles, i am well thanks, its been real hectic at work to be honest!! again, thank you for comments.