Sunday, 2 January 2011

This Head Aches

How did it come to this?
lies like irritating flies
buzzing around bull shit
taking the piss
as I enlist my signature
to post my feelings
like a letter
i only want better days
should i ignore
like those childish dreams
long time gone
faded away
forgotten bedtime prayer's
fade into reality like
the smoke of black coconut incense
i am not playing
looking for an ending
headaches descending
my eyesight merging,
like theses
are blissfully
patiently waiting
like an oil painting
in the process
brush strokes
tormenting me
as i beg
stop please
making me look stupid
like a fool in love
struck down
by cupid
who is this?
dont know!
buzzing i hear
and they became my
call me shit
yes, good shit
the same
you think is cool
and easy to fool
but i know
i mean, knew
throughout your sweet soothing
political talk-talk
you, with whom
my mind stalks
and as much as i try to help it
my brain channels curses
into the solar waves
tired of this repetition
I am not insane,
This happens everyday
talents wasted
I will NOT,
take this
with me to the
Or the afterlife
to and from
my laws
will guide me
and keep my harmony intact
like the rays and light and heat
connected to the Sun.

[pauses and reflects]

Taking my head out of your ass
once again!


when will you stand for me?
believe in me?
am i a scape goat?
or better still
a black sheep
yes my wool
will keep you warm
same way
no constantly
Denied and
pushed to the side
strong i am indeed,
was an inherited quality
from before
I became a seed
so god damn
I must

I wonder
'High I'
will grant
the wings
of Achilles
to take me into
a place before time
called destiny,
hope she stands near
next to me
and woo me
where here and now,
I disappear.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 31/12/2010 ©


  1. I swear I wish I could write poetry like this, but... it's not gonna happen.

  2. Greetings, how are you?
    Your absence is missed, hope you well…
    Write a free verse 4 Poets Rally, enjoy poetic friends, you are invited!

    Hope to see you in,

    Love your poetry talent and looking forward to a profound experience with your input.


    Glad to see you shine with another fabulous poetry.

  3. Shaun - oh my - what a wonderful rant. I sure wish I could produce something like this when I need to let go. I have not been reading or writing on line since December - busy co-writing a non-fiction book which is now complete. I couldn't wait to get back to read my inspired friends' work and here you were - spewing out all the frustrations of the world of creative people, sensitive people, intelligent people - and I missed it. Thank goodness it didn't go away. So where is your poetry this spring? Have you given up writing for the moment? Is there a little locket of space still holding the writer's flame - the writer who hasn't yet died inside and who dares to claim words as God claims the sky and me? Have you a song or a phrase or a sound out of place that thrills you somehow and makes you want to share it and shout it and lift mercurial feelings of darkness and look under them and see the sweet pool just waiting...

  4. Hey sweetheart just droppin by to check on all my blogger out there. Hope you're doing good man.

    Stay up

  5. How are you?
    Please consider making a contribution to poets rally week 43 today,
    A free verse is appreciated, you rock!
    Happy Thursday!
    Hope to see you in.

  6. @Alee, Hello love and I hope you are well (long time I know). Thank you for dropping by & glad to hear that you apprecieted the poem. Will certainly keep my chin up and allow more poetry to flow X

    @brokenpenwriter, Glad you could relate to this poetry - It was a sure way for me to get these things of my chest. No this poet is not Dead, the fire is still alive & will hopefully keep your inspiration warm soon. Keep an eye out as I will be posting one up today X.

    @Jingle & Promising PPL: will be visiting soon XX