Monday, 31 October 2011

A Trance.

You can't please every one.

Think about it.

Is it Built?
up there
the love for yourself
from within.

Make sure it's strong
like a castle and fortress
but dont forget the doorway
for your family and friends.

Never wear your heart on your sleeves
and make sure your face is not a mirror
reflecting what is really going on,

It's a game
Such folly and shame,
master your stratgies,
play it as though you were a living chess game.
And if it all crumbles down like hob nob's,
dont cast the blame as darts.

Because, I have a chance
now let's restart,

Play positivity
on a repeat like a broken record,
Turn it into a law like
Ignore negativity as though it was false
let it vanish in a flash
of thunder and lightnening.

Those who try to change you are not true,
colour the pages as a child would
because reality is fickle
and imagination's your freedom.

Dance and thread softly to the blues
and stamp hard on the red petals,

do be kind and allow the dead to sleep,
a little while longer.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 31/10/2011 ©

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