Sunday, 6 November 2011

C.L.A.R.E (Cause Lies Are Rare Enemies)

I saw you down stairs
In the midst of a dark shadow,
A grimace
So clear as the starry night's stare
Fresh as the chilly air
Your words were nearly untruthful.

It would have been crucial
To be blind and draw a line
Than to be unkind
And ignorant to rekindle
What may have been lost.

And I am beyond cost
Out of reach locked up
In a casket
Pirates ghost do guard it
Resentful I am.

Wrapped in a package:
I do envy me
Like an antique collectible,
Your oil drips smooth
Like a lecture, Unbearable.

Misty Water
With piranhas and eels
I do doubt
Dogma & theories as tooth fairies
Drinking sparingly Visions
That's makes merry.

Surely a rarity
that cannot be seen clearly,
and deceitfully sincere
on principle

I don't believe you
Cause Lies Are Rare Enemies

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 6/11/2011 ©

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