Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A stylish feeling.

Uninvited advise descended
to look my sunday's best everyday.

Everyday? That was a triple dare to myself to ask why!

And undeniably it was,
to feel good at the sound
of the shiney mirrored black shoes
upon the pavemment,
as though I was being
a man about his daily business...

Walking towards
the gigantic red bricked building
and shuddering
at the sound of the bell
that resembled thunder.

Staring at everyone singing
those dry high pitched hymns
that became muffled,
in the midst of daydreams
and boredom's torment.

Why did they come here?
I didnt care:
beside inhaling the fresh air
after leaving that cave
was a wonderous relief,
it made me happy revealing little white pearl teeths
Kicking cola cans and scoring goals
with repaired knee patches
from a week ago's, injuries.

My belief's?
In my books having true freedom,
a stylish look.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 5/10/2010 ©

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Mental Alley (Mind Music).

A Mental Alley (Mind Music).

I am not into love,
and hugs are Temperamental
In my mind it sounds like heavy metal
oh I love you,
come here and hug me:
I am a 'two-face' schizophrenic.

Only voices I befriend,
choices are past tense
with the intent to make further amends.

Am I cleanse?
Too intense: hot and cold,
handle with care if you dare,
just put me down
where you found me in the first place...
No where.

Are we clear?
maybe so-so,
up and down like a yo-yo
so does that make us such as no-no
like a no-go area,

Here we go again:
Confrontations and Arguments,
as i turn my hostility lower,
rewind and play it more softer, sweeter
and most definitely slower
ok, let's make up and get closer.

No fuck you!
Push you away and
erase you like a contact number,
A ghost you become
and haunt me in my slumber,
'til I heat you up like summer,
suffer a fever
and shiver like a cold winter.

Many are the colours.

My reflection of the interactions or conversations,
from the merging nations that builds up more and more
like an overcrowded population,
shouting above each other in gridlock
in a moment of chaos of abstraction.

This is sweet music in my Mind.

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho 31/7/2010 ©

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Invisible Life

give me back my eyes? so
I can fly striaght like an arrow
towards my destiny
from the Archer, I...







Exposed an explosion of thoughts and emotions, revealed
times like these, i will shield.
I will yield to the after-thoughts
than the present
and unwrap the presence,
an energy so lethal
but without it
would be detrimental to our survival.

you are a beautiful
so unseemly you teach.
peeling each layers,
unwillingly at times
and none, can claim it as a breach of contract
or privacy.

... am falling without wings
allowing the wind of invisible unclaimed words
to draw me in at such speed unimaginable,


(I have) got this, this one, caught in the palm of my hand,
the Author.


Shaun Gordon aka Donusho
29/09/2010 ©